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Stacy designs and creates these items by herself, which is awesome!! She sent me a sampling of her new Halloween items, which could also be worn year round if you are into pastel goth, goth, whatever spooky. 

I love all these items, I don’t know how she makes them, but they are all clean cut from plastic and are secured to an adjustable metal band. They seem durable and securely attached. 

My favorite item is the bat wing rings, I’ve never seen anything like it before! I also love the melting heart ring because I didn’t realize it at first but, it glows in the dark! The hair clips would look adorable on a pastel goth or Lolita. If she sent me 2 bone clips i would have put them on piggy tails! 

Doing business with Stacy is always great, she is super friendly and provides great customer service! 

All these items are reasonably priced and I encourage you to check them out and grab some before Halloween!

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